The 917 series is the culmination of the lessons learned both as a framework specialist & shooter. The Gen 3 Glock 17 frame modifications are maximized with our enhanced trigger guard, 1/4 pipe index cuts, mag release bevel, and grip reduction before we chop the grip to G19 length (accepts G19 magazines) and recreate the magwell.  

Our Singularity 1.0 slide by Norsso is fitted with a  Killer Innovations barrel, suppressor height sights and recalibrated springs. Our slide is optic ready. OEM parts are internals are installed, polished, and tuned to optimize performance and reliability. 
Starting price includes a single color paint job and bi-tone treatment for trigger guard and grip. You can opt for any paint job to make the 917 as unique as your finger print. 
*Price listed is for upgraded parts and services only. Customer provides G17 frame. 
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Very happy

Randy Munoz on Jun 19th 2021

Top Notch quality product & service made in the US. Very happy with the overall work and would recommend.

Work of art

Ehren Spitzner on Apr 3rd 2020

The 917 is hands down the best handgun I have ever owned, the longer slide with the chopped grip balances perfectly. The attention to detail is next to none. You can tell Dave has put a lot of time and thought into the companies he has chosen to work with on these guns, and the quality shines through. Thank you for the opportunity to own one of these.


Guy Mims on Feb 15th 2020

This custom DMC 917 is amazing! The attention to detail from the cerakote to the grip chop to the stippling texture. The ergonomics are off the chart! This is something the factory should be doing but don't. 800 rounds down range the first day and no issues! With the added Holosun 508T this 917 is in the heavy rotation of EDCs. Do yourself a favor, stop reading and get one fro DMC!

DMC 917

Ben Duncan on Feb 14th 2020

Received my 917 today and am blown away. The cuts made to the grip all serve a function and are well thought out and VERY well executed. The grip chop looks like a factory magwell. Only better. The guns action is smooth and offers a consistent break and a smooth pull. The slide is where the 917 really shines. The use of scallops as opposed to serrations offers purchase that is as good if not better than serrations would while still being very forgiving on hands or gloves. This gun has been my unicorn for a reason. I built up my expectations to an unreasonable level prior to taking delivery and DMC has still managed to surpass them all.

Singularity 917

Chris Yumu on Feb 14th 2020

I’ve had my 917 for a little bit. Put some lead down range. She is a custom mixed color by Dave. It’s a darker eggshell cream white. Grip chop looks right from glock factory. To be honest that’s what glock should of done with g19x but it’s all personal opinion. Texture is heavenly petals, aggressive grips my hand without tearing it up after 500+ rds. I had to try the glove bevel at 30-40 degree temps no problem manipulating controls. I was a little unsure of the slide without serrations. But the pics do not do the 917 any justice. The rear pockets on the slide are easier to manipulate than slide serrations. It was love at first grip. Angry bear suppressor height f/o front and blacked out rear. We topped it with a 507c and maybe a 508t in the near future. I love my 917 and all the details. Dave is a master at his craft. Thank you Dave.

917 - it gets no better

Matt Toresco on Feb 14th 2020

This, hands down, is the best striker fired pistol I have ever shot. The reason for the distinction is I also have a CZ P-01 graced by Dave that is the best hammer fired gun I’ve ever shot. But the 917 takes the cake. The ergonomics are second to none. His development of the slide and the indentations for ease of manipulation are amazing. It’s super smooth. The trigger has been finely tuned to perfect with a crisp break and defined wall. Then there is the paint....do yourself a favor and just let the master do what comes into his head! Dave has put together the finest striker fired gun there is.