The 917 series is the culmination of the lessons learned both as a framework specialist & shooter. The Gen 3 Glock 17 frame modifications are maximized with our enhanced trigger guard, 1/4 pipe index cuts, mag release bevel, and grip reduction before we chop the grip to G19 length (accepts G19 magazines) and recreate the magwell.  

Our Singularity 2.0 slide by Norsso is fitted with a ported Killer Innovations barrel, suppressor height sights and recalibrated springs. Our slide is optic ready. 
OEM parts are internals are installed, polished, and tuned to optimize performance and reliability. 
Starting price includes a single color paint job and bi-tone treatment for trigger guard and grip. You can opt for any paint job to make the 917 as unique as your finger print. 
*Price listed is for internal parts and services only. Cost for G17 frame not included. Customer is able to send in personal G17 frame.  
*Killer Innovations barrel not available for Gen 5 917C builds. Please reduce cost of build by $200 if platform will be Gen 5


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