The Atom by Dave Modz Customs

We are proud to release our ultimate deep conceal carry build. The Atom features a culmination of the best components available for the Glock 43x/48 platform paired with function-first framework and Cerakote. All of this comes together in a tuned & tested product that will serve your ideal carry needs. 
Customer provides frame, upper parts, and lower parts.
The Atom build package includes
Atom stippling package
glove bevel
Singularity slide (507k optic ready)
upgraded trigger
trigger tuning
suppressor height sights
single color Cerakote of your choice
bi-tone grip and trigger guard
two Shield Arms S15 magazines*
Optics upgrade option is subject to availability.
Click the link to see the model that fits the Singularity for G43 https://amzn.to/2TWZ0CA
With the current industry condition, pricing is subject to adjustment to cover additional material costs.We feel that changes are unlikely but we felt it pertinent to note. 
*S15 magazines will only be included in orders for customers that can legally be in possession of this magazine capacity
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