Dave Modz Customs FAQ

Q: What are your turnaround times?
A: While every project is different, general turnaround for projects are sent back within 2 weeks. Please fill out a reservation form so that you secure your place in the wait list.


Q: What is the wait time? 
A: Wait times vary. Please fill out a reservation form before inquiring about current wait times.

Q: Do I send you my own firearm? Can I order one from you?
A: You can do either. To have your existing firearm serviced, complete a reservation form to secure an appointment in the job queue. You will receive an email instructing you on where to send your firearm when your appointment becomes available. Most appointments become available within a week. All service prices listed are for services only. Shipping costs to and from Dave Modz Customs is the responsibility of the customer.

Should you need us to acquire a particular firearm or part for you, please contact us at 208.254.0023 or janitor@davemodzcustoms.com